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Pipe Borne Water for all

  • Bore Hole Drilling of Pipe Borne Water We have determined to provide quality pipe borne water for the entire communities in Imo State and other States in Nigeria. At present we have successfully sunk water drillig projects to about 15 Communities with stand by portable electric generators for each community to run the drilling equipment

  • Widows & Orphanage Assistance

    We have provided Salary Schemes for widows in our community without any regular means of subsistence to take care of the children left by the deceased head of the family especially those with children less than 12 years and for orphans less than 15 years, we have decided to take up their welfare concerns by providing some monthly stipends to the children and where applicable we have taken care of their school necessities also.

    Schorlaship Grants

  • We are providing Educational Assistance by means of Schorlaship grants to Children of high school age within our communities whose parents are handicaped to support them in school. We are joining hands with the Government of Imo State to support the Educational revolution

  • Job Creation

  • We have created means of providing employment through our home based manufacturing companies to reduce growing unemployment in Nigeria - We have established factories that have employed over 300 young people as technicians, Machinists and factory assitancts

  • Uzotex Charity Foundation